SZ Blockprints

SZ Blockprints partners with a multigenerational family printing studio based in Jaipur. Using one of India’s oldest printing techniques, SZ Blockprints makes ethical garments for men, women, children and the home. We are dedicated to a portion our profits to the SZ Foundation, which works with local organisations in Jaipur to support vocational training and empowerment programmes for women.
Our process is very much a collaboration. Each pattern has its own story and history, so before making anything we speak to our printers to find out how old it is, when it was last used and as much as we can about its historical significance. We care deeply about the heritage of the prints we use and hope our collective work means they are enjoyed by a new generation.
The block printing process is 100 percent completed by hand. First, the print is lovingly carved into a block of wood over many hours by a master craftsman. When multiple colours are used, there will be four or more variations of the same hand-carved mould.
These blocks are then dipped into the dyes and pressed onto a long the same piece of fabric stretched across a wooden table by hand multiple times and it can take three hours to make one three-metre piece of cloth, which means around ten hours is spent making every SZ piece. It is the painstaking precision and love in getting this layered effect just right that makes every piece look so special.
From colour mixing and printing to washing, drying and packing, we believe in hand made whenever possible. Each member of our team is incredibly important to us and we take great pride and satisfaction in supporting their livelihoods in a responsible way.
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